Transceiver Communicator » Release notes

Version (2012-01-26):
  • Cleaned up the code
Version (2012-01-13):
  • Optimized the communication layer
Version (2009-09-03):
  • Upgraded and repackaged the UI toolkit (making it smaller)
  • Bug fix related to the stability
Version (2009-07-10):
  • Bug fix (remarks-column was hidden)
  • Enhanced the digital signatures mechanism (now implements XAdES 1.4.1)
Version (2009-06-25):
  • New feature: adding trusted timestamps to digital signatures
  • Enhanced the signature dialogs
  • Several bug fixes in the transmission window
Version (2009-05-19):
  • New feature: the transmission window now remembers whether you last sent files or messages
  • New feature: support for multiple languages (English, Dutch, French)
  • Enhanced and unified the terminology used in the user interface
  • Improved the printing of receipts
  • Improved the validation of digital signatures
  • Upgraded the database engine to “SQL Server Compact 3.5”
Version (2009-03-26):
  • Fixed some visual glitches
  • Bug fix related to handling failed digital signatures
  • Improved the digital signatures mechanism
Version (2009-03-06):
  • Bug fix related to focus problems in Windows Vista
  • Updated the documentation links to the new website
Version (2009-02-20):
  • Bug fix in account window (trusted addresses)
Version 1.0.19 (2009-02-17):
  • New feature: adding tags to recipients in the address book
  • New feature: exporting and importing the address book to and from a file
  • New feature: adding an entire folder as a single ZIP-file to a transmission
Version (2009-01-19):
  • Bug fix in initialization code
  • Further optimized the initial display of the transmission window
Version (2009-01-12):
  • Bug fix when closing windows while a search field has focus
  • Bug fix in installer and auto-update mechanism
Version 1.0.18 (2009-01-09):
  • Optimized the notification system
  • The transmission window now appears faster the first time it's displayed
  • Transmitting a file to a large number of recipients is now possible without timing out
  • Bug fix in auto-update mechanism
  • Bug fix when receiving files before the application is fully loaded
  • Bug fix when adding a new account
  • Bug fix when sending a file to an invalid Transceiver address
Version 1.0.17 (2008-07-16):
  • New feature: print preview for the proofs of receipt
  • New feature: notifications in the inbox when outgoing transmissions fail
  • Added extra certificate verification before creating a digital signature or proof of identity
  • Enhanced the smart compression algorithm
  • Optimized the data storage
  • Optimized the public key cache
  • Simplified the proof of receipt dialog + added more detailed information about the validity
  • Bug fix in visualization of proofs of receipt
  • Bug fix: installed accounts in Communicator can no longer conflict with the accounts in Automator
  • Bug fix when processing multiple proofs of receipt at the same time
  • Bug fix in error display
Version 1.0.16 (2008-06-17):
  • New feature: proof of identity
  • Added a button to the message viewer to view the proof of receipt of the message
  • Optimized the handling of incoming proofs of receipt
  • Optimized the communication system
  • Changed the visualization of proofs of receipt
  • When logging off, open transmissions are now automatically saved
  • Bug fix when logging off while Communicator is running
  • Bug fix in communication system when an error occurs on the server
  • Bug fix in the undo-function of the message editor
  • Fixed a visual glitch when renaming a file
  • Fixed ugly text rendering on older operating systems
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the progress bars of the Send/Receive window
Version 1.0.15 (2008-05-29):
  • New feature: exporting an account from the Accounts window
  • New feature: proof of receipt
  • Added a warning when deleting an account, offering the option to export it
  • Enhanced the user experience of the input controls
  • Enhanced the message editor (added a context-menu, automatic indentation, bulleting and numbering)
  • When printing a message, an additional header is now printed
  • The Search-function now also searches in the remarks of the files
  • Communicator now remembers the last folder for the Copy To… and Move To… functions
  • Bug fix for Windows Explorer integration
  • Bug fix when printing a message to an invalid printer
Version 1.0.14 (2008-05-16):
  • New feature: opening a file with a different application
  • New feature: printing a message from the transmission window
  • New feature: inserting a picture in the message editor
  • New feature: inserting an emoticon in the message editor
  • Updated the visual style, changed some of the icons
  • Improved the progress control in Sent Items
  • Improved the signature verification display
  • Bug fix when logging off while Communicator is running
  • Bug fix for Windows Explorer integration
  • Bug fix when cleaning up files
Version 1.0.13 (2008-04-22):
  • Added some new shortcut keys
  • Improved handling of temporary files further
  • Files with digital signatures are now stored as read-only
  • Files dragged out of Communicator are now copied instead of moved
  • Bug fix with shortcut keys when the Search-field has focus
  • Bug fix when selecting the Drafts-folder
  • Bug fix when forwarding a message with a digital signature (the subject is no longer prefixed with FW:)
Version 1.0.12 (2008-04-09):
  • New feature: changing the password of an account
  • Added search-functionality to the Select Recipient window
  • The notification window for new incoming files now closes when opening one of the new files
  • Enhanced the toolbar and context menu of the Address Book window
  • Enhanced the toolbar and context menu of the Account Settings window
  • Improved handling of temporary files
  • Improved the visual performance of the signatures dialog
  • Bug fix when using Send/Receive to try to send the files from the Outbox again
  • Bug fix with keyboard focus in the Transmission window
  • Bug fix when opening a saved transmission
  • Bug fix when saving transmissions with temporary files
Version 1.0.11 (2008-03-20):
  • New feature: digitally signing files and messages
  • New feature: printing messages
  • New feature: extra functions to copy or move selected files to a folder
  • New feature: starting Communicator automatically when the PC is turned on
  • Enhanced the message editor
  • Enhanced the update-mechanism
  • Enhanced the From and To-fields in the transmission window
  • Added AutoComplete functionality to some of the fields for entering account names
  • Updated the visual style, enhanced some of the UI experiences
  • Applied bug fixes and optimizations to the communication system
  • Bug fix when removing a message
  • Bug fix when closing a saved transmission window
  • Fixed some visual glitches
  • Added the new mail notification sound when a new file has arrived
  • When you close the main window, Communicator will now hide in the notification area instead of exiting (can be turned off)
Version 1.0.10 (2008-01-11):
  • Bug fix when files are grouped by date
  • Bug fix with flashing Sent Items folder
  • Simplified the folder pane of the main window
  • The Search-field is now twice as wide
  • The Checking for updates and Loading info popups are now hidden when Communicator starts minimized
Version 1.0.9 (2007-12-14):
  • Bug fixes in communication system
  • Bug fixes in check for updates
  • Bug fix in remarks
  • Bug fix in tab order
  • Bug fix when files are grouped by date
  • Re-organized the main window
Version 1.0.8 (2007-11-16):
  • Bug fix in Transmission window
  • Updated the visual style (sharper look, new icon)
  • New limitation: exporting an account has to be confirmed by entering the account password
  • Enhanced the notification window for new incoming files
Version 1.0.7 (2007-10-26):
  • Bug fix with date grouping
  • Bug fix with read-only files
  • Bug fix in Trusted Addresses
  • Bug fixes in messaging system
  • The Remarks-panel now fades to yellow when the selected file has remarks
  • New function to save transmissions to a Drafts-folder
  • New function to mark files in the inbox as read/unread
  • New filtering and sorting functionality in lists
  • New function to start a transmission from the Address Book
  • New function to disable an account
Version 1.0.6 (2007-10-04):
  • Bug fixes in the message viewer and editor
Version 1.0.5 (2007-10-03):
  • New function to send and receive messages
  • New function to add remarks to files
  • Added highlight to new incoming files
  • Bug fix when renaming a file
  • Other minor bug fixes
Version 1.0.4 (2007-09-21):
  • Bug fix in the verification process of the transmitter
Version 1.0.3 (2007-09-18):
  • Bug fix when dragging a file
  • Bug fix in Send To > Transceiver Communicator with files from a network drive
  • Bug fix when removing an account
  • Updated some of the messages presented to the user
  • Optimized the communication protocol
  • Optimized the local database
  • Enhanced the cleanup mechanism
  • Enhanced the account dialog: the server field is now optional
Version 1.0.2 (2007-09-06):
  • Bug fix when using higher DPI settings
  • Bug fix in Transmit Again function
  • Bug fix in waiting cursor
  • Bug fix in notification area icon
  • Bug fix when showing failed transmissions
  • Optimized the communication protocol
  • Optimized the performance of the UI
  • Updated the Address Book window to make the addresses easier to read
  • Updated some of the messages presented to the user
  • Added periodical check for updates