Transceiver Server

The Transceiver Server exchanges digitally signed and encrypted files between Transceiver clients. It receives files from connected clients, checks the permissions and forwards those files to the recipient(s), either on the server itself or on a different server.

The Transceiver Server is typically installed as a Microsoft Windows service on a dedicated machine, next to other corporate servers (mail-server, Exchange-server, …). It takes care of your secure communication!

We offer two options:

  • You can buy a software license and install the Transceiver Server software on your own physical server hosted at your own premises or at your preferred hosting company.
  • You can buy a software license and let us host the Transceiver Server software on one of our physical servers.

Bear in mind that a Transceiver Server should be available and connected 24/7. The actual power and storage requirements for a physical server will vary depending on the number of accounts, simultaneous connections and data throughput. Obviously, governments and large organizations have other needs than small companies. However, the Transceiver Server fits perfectly into any budget.