Mission Statement

Weblications BVBA is a software development company raised in 1989. Since 1999 we have been developing critical web-based business applications. Our experience in internet technologies and our knowledge of its threats and capabilities have given birth to the Transceiver technologies.

The Trusted File Transfer solutions built on top of the Transceiver technology provide end-to-end security, privacy and automation. We envision the Transceiver products as basic building blocks that enable people, computers and devices to communicate privately and securely with each other.

Our goal is to make the Transceiver technology available globally, at low cost, to small, medium and large businesses. Therefore our company is growing gradually from a small local innovative technology player to an international leading company in this domain. We will continuously improve the Transceiver products because we really believe that they are essential and critical for corporate compliance.

Promoting the use and exchange of electronic documents over paper documents helps to preserve our global environment. Welcome to the efficient world of green and private communication.