We were given the opportunity to embed the new Transceiver Automator for extending the automation of our bakery software solutions Probak and Prokas. We would never have been able to extend and automate our solutions so thoroughly and securely in such a short period of time without your product. Our customers even don't feel the proximity of the Automator, but it's there doing its daily job silently and precisely… Great concept, nice solution!

Marc De Schaepmeester
XerXes Software, Belgium

Transceiver Automator

Transceiver Automator is a Windows service that automates file transfers between heterogeneous or distributed computer systems. By creating workflows, you “program” the service to automatically handle incoming and outgoing files. It is the platform that enables you to securely and privately automate your business processes and integrate them with those of your partners.

The Transceiver Automator is designed for all kinds of purposes in all kinds of businesses. It comes in 2 flavors:

Transceiver Automator Express

The Express edition is a free lightweight edition of Transceiver Automator. It picks up files from a folder and securely transmits them to their destination. It also receives incoming files and drops them in a folder.

Transceiver Automator Professional

The Professional edition is the commercial edition that has a lot more features than the Express edition. It has a lot of pre-built plug-ins and provides an extensible interface so developers can write their own custom plug-ins.

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