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Address Book

The address book is a convenient place to store Transceiver addresses. The addresses you store here can be selected very easily from the New Transmission window, by selecting the To… button.

The tool bar provides the following tools and commands:

  • Add (Ins): add a new recipient to the address book.
  • Edit (F2): edit the selected recipient.
  • Remove (Del): remove the selected recipient(s) from the address book.
  • Actions: perform extra actions:
    • New Transmission (Ctrl+N): start a New Transmission for sending files to the selected recipient(s).
    • Export to a file: export the entire address book to a file.
    • Import from a file: import recipients from a file into the address book.
  • Help (F1): displays the documentation for this window.
  • Search: here you can type in part of the name or address you're searching for and the list will be filtered automatically.