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Account Settings

Here you can add, edit or remove accounts.

The tool bar provides the following tools and commands:

  • Add (Ins): add a new account.
  • Edit (F2): edit the selected account.
  • Remove (Del): remove the selected account(s).
  • Actions: perform extra actions on the selected account(s):
    • Set as Default: set the selected account as the default account for new transmissions.
    • Change password…: change the password of the selected account on the server.
    • Export to a file…: export the account to a file.
    • Enable the selected account(s): make the selected accounts active (accounts are active by default).
    • Disable the selected account(s): make the selected accounts inactive: disabled accounts don't check for new files and cannot be used for new transmissions.
  • Help (F1): displays the documentation for this window.
  • Search: here you can type in part of the account name you're searching for and the list will be filtered automatically.