Transceiver Automator » Release notes

Version (2012-02-08):
  • FolderOutputDevice and FtpOutputDevice: file properties are only saved if the file has properties
  • ExecutableConverter: added options to save the properties and signatures of the input file as files
  • Cleaned up the code of the plug-ins
Version (2012-02-08):
  • Temporary folders now get attributes that tell the OS that their content should not be indexed
  • Added plug-in type ExecutableConverter
Version (2012-01-26):
  • CtfToHtmlConverter: tweaked the stylesheet + now generates smaller HTML-code (omits some optional closing tags)
  • Fixed a bug in the runtime (related to moving and copying files to the temporary file store)
  • Cleaned up the code, performed some small optimizations
Version (2012-01-13):
  • Performed some optimizations on the communication layer (communication with Automator Manager, TransceiverInputDevice, TransceiverOutputDevice)
Version (2012-01-03):
  • Performed some optimizations on the database to speed up queries for Automator Manager
Version (2011-09-01):
  • Fixed a bug in SyncFolderInputDevice (bug when deleting a file and putting it back)
  • EmailOutputDevice: the body of the e-mail is now encoded as UTF-8
  • CtfToHtmlConverter: extra newline-characters are added to the generated HTML-code, to make it easier to interpret (and work better together with EmailOutputDevice)
Version (2011-06-30):
  • Fixed a bug in FolderInputDevice (bug in the only files older than-option)
Version (2011-06-30):
  • Enhanced the FolderInputDevice (hidden, read-only and system files, and files in hidden folders are no longer picked up)
  • Added an option to SqlServerDatabaseTask to execute the SQL-command transactionally (previous version were always transactional)
  • Added options to FtpOutputDevice to save the properties and signatures as files (just like FolderOutputDevice)
  • Enhanced the performance of FtpOutputDevice (now uses the same connection pooling mechanism as TransceiverOutputDevice)
  • Enhanced the user-agent string (now contains system information, is now also added to outgoing e-mails)
  • Enhanced the error messages (more details, added error message to subject of e-mails)
  • Replaced the hardware-based license system of Automator Professional with an easier web-based license system
  • Enhanced the internal architecture of some plug-ins (related plug-ins now share common functionality)
  • Added plug-in type SyncFolderInputDevice
  • FolderOutputDevice and FtpOutputDevice can now both process commands from SyncFolderInputDevice
  • Fixed a bug in the internal plug-in management system
Version (2010-11-16):
  • Enhanced the XmlSchemaValidator (now sets the file property XmlSchemaValidationResult to Succeeded or Failed; added an option to not fail an invalid file)
  • Added plug-in type SqlServerDatabaseOutputDevice
  • Added plug-in type SqlServerDatabaseTask
Version (2010-08-30):
  • Fixed a bug in the XmlSchemaValidator
Version (2010-08-27):
  • Fixed a bug in the deployment of Automator Professional
Version (2010-08-27):
  • Enhanced the EmailOutputDevice (added an option to not attach the file to the outgoing message + a field to define the format of the body (HTML or text))
  • Enhanced the FolderInputDevice (added the ability to only get files that are older than a certain time)
  • Added plug-in type WebTask
Version (2010-06-22):
  • Enhanced the XmlSchemaValidator (now allows loading more than 1 XSD-file + added functionality to check whether the root-element has the correct name and/or namespace)
  • Enhanced the error handling when importing a configuration file with a wrong password
Version (2010-02-16):
  • Added extra logging for the cleanup routine
  • Fixed a bug in the file dispatching routine
Version (2010-02-01):
  • Fixed a bug in EmailInputDevice
Version (2010-01-28):
  • Enhanced the EmailInputDevice (added extra dynamic properties, allows the entire e-mail message to be treated as a file, …)
  • Enhanced the EmailOutputDevice (the file properties can now be copied to the e-mail headers)
  • Added function containsemailaddress to rule conditions
  • Fixed some bugs in EmailInputDevice (rewrote the MIME-parser)
  • Fixed a bug in the logging mechanism
Version (2009-07-10):
  • Enhanced the digital signatures mechanism (now implements XAdES 1.4.1)
Version (2009-06-29):
  • X509SignatureAnalyzer will now add an extra file property “X509SignatureAnalysisAllValid” that is set to “true” if everything is valid; else it is set to “false”
Version (2009-06-26):
  • Fixed a bug in the configuration import functionality
  • Added support for signature timestamps
  • Enhanced X509SignatureAnalyzer to also include signature timestamp information
  • Added plug-in type X509SignatureTimeStamper
Version (2009-04-23):
  • Fixed a bug in the configuration import functionality
Version (2009-03-20):
  • Made X509Signer also available in Automator Express for free
Version (2009-03-06):
  • Updated the installer
  • Updated the links to the new website
  • Fixed a bug in the FileLogger plug-in
  • Enhanced the style of HTML-files generated by CtfToHtmlConverter
  • Added plug-in type X509SignatureAnalyzer
  • Added global properties (accessible via {$Name}), stored in folder “GlobalProperties”
  • Added a function to Automator Manager to open the Data-folder of an Automator (only for a local instance)
  • Added cascading file properties to the FolderInputDevice plug-in
  • Made the plug-in start procedure more robust
  • Fixed a bug in the Automator Express deployment
  • Enhanced the loading mechanism of third-party plug-ins
  • Added plug-in type Junction
  • Fixed a bug in the auto-update mechanism
  • Added support for digital signatures (using X.509 certificates)
  • Added more detailed information to the log when transmitting to invalid Transceiver addresses
  • A (new) license key can now be downloaded automatically
  • Changed the API of FileConverter (new API allows for asynchronous conversions)
  • Added support for parameters of type TimeSpan
  • Extended CtfToXmlConverter with an extra parameter FieldsToInclude (to only include certain fields)
  • Added plug-in types X509Signer, FileLogger and CtfToHtmlConverter
  • Added method Append to PluginData
  • Added file property FileContent
  • Fixed a bug in the installer
  • Full expressions can now be used in template strings
  • Added function matchregex to rule conditions
  • Added auto-update functionality for the Automator
  • Added auto-update functionality for third-party plug-ins
  • The Automator extensibility mechanism is now backward compatible with older third-party plug-ins
  • Removed some unused features
  • Added PluginData
  • Decoupled task runs from tasks
  • Added the ability to export and import the entire configuration
  • E-mails can now be sent to multiple recipients
  • Added more detailed information to the error message when a plug-in parameter is invalid
  • Enhanced the installation process
  • Fixed a bug in the scheduling mechanism
  • The current DateTime and UserAgent are added to e-mails sent to the administrator
  • Made the startup procedure of the Automator more robust
  • Enhanced the deployment procedure.
  • Added TimeService and ITimeInfo (NTP time info)
  • Tests the database connection when the Automator starts
  • Added support for “plug-in use policy”
  • TestParameters is now called when adding and changing plug-ins from the Automator Manager
  • Added file properties FileExtension, FileNameWithoutExtension, Now and UtcNow
  • Added plug-in types SqlServerDatabaseInputDevice and CtfToXmlConverter
  • Enhanced the VerifyCertificate-method on IFileSignature
  • Optimized the communication protocol
  • Enhanced the security of the communication protocol.
  • Added file property AutomatorID
  • Added advanced logging
  • Added plug-in summaries
  • Removed plug-in type Account
  • Added logging of task runs
  • Added Processes to group related rules
  • Rules can now add or change file properties of files
  • Added functions isnumber, between, extension, match and matchextension to rule conditions
  • Plug-ins that fail to start are now stopped and an e-mail is sent to the administrator
  • Plug-in parameters are now encrypted in the database
  • Added file signatures
  • Added the ability to swap rules (change order)
  • Added FileFilter (subclass of FileConverter) and FileFilterException
  • Added method TestParameters to the Plugin-class
  • First release