Transceiver Automator » Features

Processes & workflows

  • Receive files from folders, transceivers, e-mail, FTP, HTTP, SQL Server, …
  • Send files to folders, transceivers, e-mail, FTP, SQL Server, external applications, …
  • Create rules to filter and route files using advanced easy-to-write conditions
  • Convert files to other formats
  • Convert XML-files via XSLT, or validate them via XML Schema
  • Validate and digitally sign files using X.509 certificates and trusted timestamps
  • Run scheduled tasks (external applications, SQL Server commands, HTTP requests or custom plug-ins)
  • No file size or file type limitation


  • Spam-free communication
  • Authentic and confidential file transfer
  • Privacy protection
  • Built on industry standards and certified security algorithms (AES, RSA, X.509, …)


  • Use file properties, global properties and cascading folder properties to create powerful workflows
  • Write custom plug-ins in any .NET-language (C#, VB.NET, …) to send and receive files, convert files or run as scheduled tasks
  • Direct files to multiple output devices simultaneously
  • Use the detailed logs to verify and troubleshoot workflows
  • Import and export the entire configuration
  • Automatic software updates